Building a Better Future for All Australians

The Building Australia Party is a new party on the political scene and has grown out of discontent from within the building industry and the building design profession. This discontent has arisen due to governments of all persuasions not adhering to the principles of good business acumen when applying policies in all areas under government control.

The original proponents of the party all have a small business background and are united in their beliefs to Build a Better Australia. Whereby the Building Australia party has grown out of the building industry and the building design profession and have a mantra to improve Housing Affordability, the underlying principles of commonsense, business acumen, reining in of waste and the reduction of overregulation will be the cornerstone to building a better Future for all Australians.

Building Australia seeks support from all, to help develop a party that becomes less divisive as opposed to the major parties. No matter which party end up in power there is nearly 50% of the population that feel disenfranchised because of the wedge politics that are played out.

Building Australia recognises that good ideas and good policy is not reserved for any particular party, they develop from individuals and those ideas should be harnessed for the benefit of all.

We need to bring commonsense, respect and business acumen back into governments.

Help build a better Australia by supporting the Building Australia Party

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